Highway Department

The Town of Cassian Hwy Dept. has 2 full time employees and 1 part time employee.
Hours of operation are typically 7 am to 3 pm. Hours may vary during times of bad weather.

Town of Cassian Plow Routes

Route 1:
Church Rd Rd Swamp Lk Rd Cranberry Rd
Lakewood Rd **Wood Rd Hughitt Lk Rd
Sand Lake Rd East Pine Square McCormick Lk Rd
South Shore Rd North Pine Square Oak Ln
Rocky Run Rd West Pine Square Kolbeck Dr
Buck Ln Elsner Rd Jackson Heights
Currie Lk Rd Forest Rd Little Bearskin Creek Rd
Deershiners Rd West Rocky Run Rd Oak Ridge Rd
Mitchell Ln Running Bear Ln Little Bearskin Rd
Meadowlark Rd East Rocky Acres Dr Town 78 Rd
Rocky Acres Dr
Route 2:
Harshaw Rd North Alva Cloudscape Ln
Horsehead Lk Rd South Long Lk Rd Acorn Ln
Stockley Ln North Long Lk Rd **West Soo Lk Rd
Jordan Rd Meletzke Ln Oak Dr
Wildrose Rd Fawn Lk Rd Trout Creek Rd
Jimmy Ln South Doe Ln **Goodyear Lk Landing Rd
Bass Ln Poskie Rd Webster Rd
Wilderness Ln Hodag Lk Landing Rd **Grace Ln
Timber Lk Rd Sheep Ranch Rd
South Alva Clear Lk R
Route 3:
Poplar Ln Goodnow Rd Island Rd
Pinecrest Town Rd 72 Pollnow Ln
Town Rd 93 Balsam Rd Maple Ln
Beartrack Ln West Sandlake Rd Musky Bay Ln
Clovervalley Rd Dobeck Rd Stratford Ln
Little Horsehead Landing Birch Lk Rd Birch Ln
Steele Rd Seed Lk Rd Partridge Ln
Hemlock Ln East Bearskin Rd Golf Ln
Tall Pines Ln West Birck Lk Rd
Herman Cross Boden Rd

**Plow last and/or next day.