Martin Herman Family 1917

Martin Herman Family 1917

This photo was taken of the Martin Herman Family near  Harshaw about 1917. The Herman Family settled  initially on today's Clover Valley Rd.  The original homestead built about 1916, can still be seen on the West side of the road , South of Herman's Crossing.

They reportedly shared owership of this auto, for a while, with their Webster Family neighbors,  who lived  just South of them on today's Grace Lane and Webster Road.

Descendants of both Famiies still live in the area.  Initially these familes came to the cut-over lands, just north of Harsaw to begin farming operations.  They cleared the stumps,  planting  crops,  mainly potatos,  which could be shipped by rail to markets in Milwauee and Chicago.  Remnants of potato warehouses can still be seen through-out the town.

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