Logging early 1900s

Logging early 1900s

Like most other northern Wisconsin areas, railrod workers,loggers, and early settlers came to the Cassian area, because of the huge stands of pine that had been pretty much cut by the early 1900's, leaving vast expanses of cutover and burned over land. The railroad workers came to build the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway through the town. After the logs were cut, they were skidded by oxen and horses with sleighs, as above, often to narrow-gage railways.

This photo of a loaded logging sleigh, was furnished by the Busche Family. The exact site is unknown. There appears to be a heavy load of White Pine logs, typically harvested in huge quanities from the Cassian and surounding area.  in the late 1880's and into the 1890's most logs were skidded to  lake or river banks and floated to the mills in Merrill, later both pine and hardwoods were hauled out on narrow gauge railroad spurs, which crisscrossed the area until about 1912.  Remnants of these spurs can still be seen after 100+years, and many of todays roads, were built on these early rail beds..  

A renovated logging sleigh,  from this era, simular to the one in this photo,  can be seen sitting on the West side of the Cassian Town Hall and Fire Station on Church Road..


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