Idlewild 1930s

Idlewild 1930s

The Idlewild Lodge Resort as it appeared in the late 1930's.  The original structure had burned down in 1926 and was rebuilt in it's foot print, enlarged in 1927.  From 1936 through 1944 the resort was operated by the LaVerne Frisque Family,  and was then purchased by Fred and Lola Eisenman.  In 1960 Don and Doris Jung purchased and completely restored the facility and added six cabins.

An early 1903 map shows today's Birch lake named Arte Lake,  durning the logging era. A 1916 map shows it named Ruth Shepard Lake.  About 1921, when the Youngs were building this resort,  it was  re-named Birch Lake,  most likely because following a major 1917 forest fire, that had raged thru the area, the first trees to reappear were Birch.  However after 90+ years,  the majority of them are gone.

This Lodge also housed the Harshaw Post Office for a number of years, following a fire that burned down the Harshaw General Store on Harshaw Road, where it had been housed near the RR Depot in 1960. Patrons could drop-off and pick up mail at an outside window, near the entrance.  The Post Office was moved across the road about 1980.

The Lodge was completely renovated again by Danny and Meetcho Stojsavljevic by June of 2008,  when sadly, a spectacular fire burned it completely to the ground.  The following year construction was begun on todays Birch Lake Bar and grill,  which sits in the original footprint.

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