Hideaway Lodge 1940s

Hideaway Lodge 1940s

The Hideaway Lodge as it appeared in the late 1940's shortly after it was completed by Glenn G Fisher Jr. of Chicago  The lodge,  while no longer open as a restruant and bar,  is located on Musky Lake, off of Sand Lake Road, near the Lake Tomahawk town line.  The resort was first named Fisher's Resort..

Glenn and his father, had started construction before WWII, using lumber logged from the site. During the war he served as a bomber pilot and completed construction on the resort after the war.  Besides the lodge there were 6 or 7 cottages, Four remain today as rentals..

Due to the fact that the Fisher Family owned an auto dealership in Chicago,  they had a business relationship with the Capone Syndicate there .  The Capones had a financial interest in the resort and eventially took over operation of it by the late 1940's.   The facility then gained a reputation as a gangster hideout catering to unsavory characters who reportedly posted armed guards at times along Sand Lake Road.

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