Harshaw 1920s

Harshaw 1920s

A Photo of Harshaw during the 1920's.  From left is the Bearskin Creek, the Railway Depot, ice house, Harshaw Store,  owned by Barzy Winnie and Wlm. Stock, and it's warehouse. Above that is Winnie's Hall, the location of many town events and meetings.  It sat above an in-ground potato storage facility for the Winnie Farm. To the right of that can be seen the Harshaw Schoolhouse,  the Barzy Winnie barn and farmhouse, and the potato warehouse owned by Leonard Hamilton along the Chicago,Milwaukee, St. Paul Railway.  Harrison McNown purchased  and operated the store and post office from  1927, until  the late 1950's. Almost every one in town owed him money for goods received during the depression.  

Sadly this structure burned down about 1961.   The Winnie barn and out buildings burned in 1956, and the house was removed later..  The train depot was torn down in 1969.  The school house, built in 1915, was moved across the tracks in the 1950's and used for awhile as the Cassian Town Hall, before being sold.  It still stands along Church Road,  near the Towns Highway Shop. The large potato warehouse collapsed during heavy snowfalls during the winter of 2013.  Only the remnants of the small Village of Harshaw  remains today.  An old mobile home, bought by McNown in 1965 still sits where his store once stood.

Above the Winnie Farm,  on the hill to the right,  are the outlines of Harshaw's first cemetery.  No one know today, who is buried there,  as no markers remain.  It is thought that early railroad, and mill workers and their family members are buried there.  Some were probably European Immigrants connected to the logging industries, as well as camp followers.

There is evidence of an old wagon road that once existed above the town as well,  along side the cemetery, and it's noted in records that a "shanty town" existed on the hillside during the logging and mill days.

As far as we know, the town was named after Henry B. Harshaw, of Oshkosh. Henry was born in NY in 1842, and died in Milwaukee in 1900. He had lost an arm fighting in he Civil War,  had been a timber cruiser in the area at one time,  and served as the Wisconsin State Treasurer during the time the railway was constructed thru our area.. 



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