Cassian Saw Mill

Cassian Saw Mill

This mill was located in today's Town of Nokomis, previously Casanova Junction, the name changed to Cassian by 1903.  Photo courtesy of Sherry Tischdendorf..  Nokomis split off from the Town of Cassian in 1948.  In 1887, three villages sprang up along  the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul Railway in the then Woodboro Township. It included the villages of  Cassian, Harshaw and Goodnow. Cassian had earlier split off from Woodboro, in 1903.

When the town was split again, Cassian  ended up in the new Town of Nokomis, but Harshaw and Goodnow remained in Cassian Township, to confuse matters.   This mill was located just East of the intersection of todays Hwy L and Rocky Rd in, Sec 14, T.36N.-R6E.

The above Railway is now on the Southern part of the Bearskin Trail System.

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Town of Cassian

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