Cassian Community Center 1940

Cassian Community Center 1940

The Harshaw Womans Club and Community Center  was built in 1937 on the East side ot the then newly constructed Hwy 51, just North of Rocky Run Rd..  Harry Klippel had just built a service station across the Hwy, and donated the land.  The Louise Arneson Federated Womans Club,  of about 18 members deemed the structure to be used for "recreational, religious and educational groups- for the up- building of the community"

Club members purchased the logs and roof boards, but other lumber to be sawed was donated. The majority of the labor was donated as well, by members and their husbands.  It took several years to complete, but served the community well,  for numerous functions.  By the 1980s, with lack of use, the building deteriorated,and was burned down in training sessions but area fire departments in 1997.

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