Cassian Volunteer Fire Department

Realizing the need for fire protection, the citizens of Cassian took it upon themselves to form a volunteer fire department. The organizational meeting was held on January 11, 1965 with 15 interested volunteers and a used fire truck obtained from the Town of Hazelhurst. The service area is comprised of rural farming, residential, business and seasonal homes. A community of approximately 68 square miles with a current population of about 1,100 full time residents with a mixture of families, retirees, and seasonal residents Being a rural area interfaced with large forested areas and little urban development, we have the threat of numerous wild land fires, also with US Highway 51 going thru the Town from north to south, and County Highway K as our southern boundary, we face the potential of a number of vehicle accidents requiring our services.

The Cassian Fire Department currently has 18 members, including Firefighter, Junior Firefighters, and Support Personnel. See detailed list below.

We currently operate with 5 fire fighting apparatus, 6 wheels UTV and a rescue boat. We are also equipped with vehicle extrication and ice and water rescue equipment. The Department provides fire services to the Town of Cassian and the north half of the Town of Woodboro. We also receive and provide automatic mutual aid with our neighboring fire departments to ensure an adequate response in an emergency.

In addition to responding to fires, we also conduct fire inspections of local businesses, respond to vehicle accidents, provide search and rescue services, and public education. Members of the Department visit the Cassian Woodboro Elementary School during severe weather month and in October for fire prevention month. We use the Oneida County smoke house for these and other events.


Being a member of the Cassian Fire Department requires time to keep the department running smoothly, such as attending meetings, training sessions, maintenance and work sessions, fire prevention, public education and fundraising. Interested individuals should attend one of the monthly meetings or contact an active member for details. Meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month at 7 PM at the fire station. Upon acceptance to the department the member must first serve a minimum 6 month probation period and complete the basic training. Training is provided to new members by the fire department through Nicolet Area Tech College Protection Services Division. The Entry Level Firefighter training is 60 hours. Training is a career long process with continuing education and training.



Total calls 36


2016 RESPONSE DATA (as of 09/19/16)

Total calls 27



Ed Tadych Chief
Mike Stechbauer Assistant Chief
Michael Leair Captain
Joe Jorgenson Captain/Maintenance
Rod Randolph Secretary/Communications
Mike Winter Treasurer
Nick Kuckkan Training Officer
Pete Stechbauer Safety Officer


Chris LeClair Tim Augustine
Roger Glodowski Greg Taylor
Denny Kimps Greg Tuyls
Cody Hendrickson Russ Prott
Eric Hopp    


Nathan Libal  Sonny Giesfeldt
Austin Randolph  


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